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Ghost Healing


Brace yourself.  This topic may seem off the radar. 

Can Christ deliver us from a ghost?

We know Jesus delivers us from sin, demons, curses, family generational curses, sicknesses, lies, bad circumstances, etc, but what about a bodiless, lost, human spirit lingering around our realm?

I learned about this because I encountered some ghosts and had no grid for it, so you may find this interesting.

It turns out Christ delivers us from everything.

And the reason this is not just a wispy side topic, is that a ghost can be carrying curses (like diseases) that will not be treatable, even if after we do Inner Healing.  So this may be a key if other tools fail.

How do we get clear?   Simple:  We invite Christ to show the ghost His face.—and it's best to be direct about it.  The result is some form of freedom, large or small, gradual or immediate, spiritual or physical.

Really?  Yeah.  So, please give me a lot of room on this topic because there are many misconceptions.

(And reserve judgment only until after consulting the Holy Ghost!)


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In a nutshell: human ghosts unknowingly clog up our lives (unconscious to us too); because they are are tricked into staying in the earthly realm by demons.

Demons need justice; ghosts need mercy.
Demons are expelled; ghosts invited Home.
God's "un-finished dead" are loved into Heaven.

Key Misconceptions

Ghost healing is not:

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Alien Human Spirits I
Alien Human Spirits II

Research and Development by Arthur Burk

For more on this involved topic, Check out Arthur Burk's CD sets Alien Human Spirits. At least hear the free Intro Sample.

Many healing ministries encounter ghost interference, but this is the most extensive treatment I've heard.  

We might also have a ghost associated to our property or life goals.

For example, famous Anglican psychologist and deliverance minister Dr. Kenneth McAll (author of Healing the Family Tree) had a reputation for quickly curing mental illnesses and also clearing haunted houses, attributed to Christ;s ghost healing.  And we are still seeing this.  For example, I know of one person who completely erased an ADD issue after getting release from a ghost. And another friend had a distinct healing from depression after her mother was released to Heaven.

Where is this in the Bible?

Think: how does Jesus handle ghosts?

Q:  Isn't this really just forbidden divination?  

The Bible clearly condemns divination— rightly so.  But this is not that.

Why? Because nothing is substituted for Christ— rather, Christ is central.

  1. We are not calling the dead or demons as a means to further our ends.   Rather, we are inviting Christ as the means to further one of His ends.  ("Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"—ghosts are not in Heaven.)
  2. Christ is in charge of the entire deliverance release, as leader, focus, goal, authority.  
  3. We are not calling the dead to come into our realm, but to leave it. They are already here.
  4. Unlike the occult, there is no manipulation, control, hidden-ness, secrecy— no domination from your will; no exercising power outside of your God-given authority.
  5. If not addressed and dismissed, they will do something worse than if ignored: deprecate God's plans for us (knowingly or unknowingly).
  6. Jesus chastised the Pharisees, saying you cannot drive out the devil by the devil (Matt 12:25); yet in these sessions demons are letting go of the ghosts. What would be a demon's motivation for sending someone to Heaven?
  7. Prayer ministers who are sensitive to evil spirits often report that before the session they get harassed by demons, not rewarded!  The demons don't want you praying for ghost release!

Any definition that we use for divination does not fit what is going on in a Christ-led session.

Can We Be Tricked?  Shouldn't We Have Caution?

Of course, as with anything important, discernment is needed.  But that doesn't always equate to running to avoid(the more common reaction).  

This is huge:  if a person doesn't know the voice of the Spirit, they're in far worse situation than confronting a ghost or a demon!  Often the argument is: "we can't do this because it might be the devil", which ironically, has far more demonic capital behind it.

Further, if the solution is always to run than we could never consult God's voice on anything, because of the paranoia it might be a demon.  Notice the double-standard.

Church history is built by baptizing new goods, exporting the bad.  The church is "traditionally progressive".   Pope Francis  "I would rather have a Church that makes mistakes for doing something, than one that gets sick for being closed up."  Bill Johnson:   "I would rather that we error on the side of excess, than lack."

Q:  Doesn't Christianity teach each person is an unbreakable "psychosomatic unity", not like ghosts in a machine?  So how is this possible?

Yes, the popular notion today is to falsely separate spirit and body (e.g., atheists tend to deny the spirit; New Agers tend to deny the body); but in truth, each person is a "psychosomatic unity "—that is, one being, with spirit and body as dimensions.


Common Profiles

How Do They Get Access to My Life?

Usually if you have an emotional hurt that's in common with the ghost's emotional hurt, then that's a potential avenue. They are looking for a way to work out an issue, but can't significantly affect the physical world without tie to a body or land or something physical.

Can They Enter a Person's Life or Body Without the Person's Consent?

Unfortunately, it appears so; but note the consistency with all other areas:   you can unconsciously pickup of a sinful inclination, a physical toxin, demonic oppression, a specific curse, a family curse; etc.—all without full consent of your will.  This is because of the deep connection we all have to one another.  Another reason to allow Jesus to take land in the heart. That's the key. We can't just ignore this—ghosts or not.

What a Minute—Ghosts Loiter Around Land—But Can They Also Enter Bodies?!

It depends on what we mean by "enter."  As was stated above, the spirit is not "in" the body, the body is "in" the spirit, so this technically this is a false question. As Peter Kreeft says "Souls and bodies are related not like ghosts and houses but like the meaning of a poem and the words of the poem." It's an association of the realm of meaning.

On the other hand, the way we experience them is that they apparently have some "tie" or "connection" to a particular body area or part.  This is how most describe it.  

But there's no need for paranoia here.  I have noticed that they don't really have access to much information, even when appearing to be in the body. And further, they are duped and somehow living in a confused room of veils—and don't seem to have the "sixth sense" of anything else but dissatisfaction needing shalom. That's why Christ offer is so welcome.  

And they don't seem to have calendar awareness, because they are not in earth-time, but Hades-time, which envelops us—and allows them to pass generation to generation.  

In any case, they're not supposed to be here and there's no reason to freak out.  Just invite Christ to take them Home.

Do I Have a Ghost?

Look for feelings and desires that don't feel like they are yours; or out-of-the-ordinary, abrupt, conflicting personality changes, esp. around deaths, or death anniversaries.

However, the best advice is to leap frog the mind figuring it out and get charismatic prayer by those with healthy prophetic gifts who can hear God's Voice.

My Experience

How to Resolve and Heal

Anyone can do this, but it's helps to be with someone who has their prophetic gift activated. If you know how to love people and God, then it's not too hard.  

If you want advanced advice or prayer ministry, consult Constanzia Hooker:

You don't have to be perfect, so rely on Christ's perfection; you're simply inviting Him directly into the situation.  But be as clear as you can yourself.  Don't run -- You might be doing more damage by delaying!  That's up to you and Holy Spirit to decide.

I'm going to list more steps than necessary below, just to be thorough, but after a few times it will feel less clinical and happen easily.

In brief:

  1. Claim the entire process, time. and area for Christ; inviting Him to take control. If there's a demon assigned to the ghost (common), then clear it with a Word Command. If it doesn't go, ask the Christ what the a legal reason is -- usually some form of sin that needs to be confessed.)
  2. Verbally speak to the ghost and announce you and Jesus are inviting it Home. Zia and I have found this simple, fantastic prayer to be effective: "Jesus we invite you to show this person your face." That alone may be enough to do it!
  3. If not, then prophets need to listen to report what is happening.
  4. Often the ghost comes out, usually to express pain. You will sense this in your spirit -- not your soul! (The soul is the mind/will/emotions; the spirit is your supernatural dimension of love -- that is one with Christ -- like sensing with your conscience.)
  5. You can dialog with the person, but it's best to just ask Christ directly into hurt. Remember, the ghost is not an enemy; it's veiled and confused.  This is usually not complicated; you just explain they were lied to, and told to return to this earth realm.  Remind them that Christ can empathize because he also had a life that was apparently "cut short", but used it as a self-gift for all the ghost's needs. (Less quantity does not mean necessarily less quality; i.e., small roles in film can have huge impacts.) 
  6. Tell the ghost to repent and receive forgiveness if they haven't already, and fully accept God's love.  Listen with compassion to their suffering, rather than be demanding.  They are not demons.  Relax.  (It's actually someone you'll meet face-to-face in Heaven; so cut 'em some slack!)
  7. Some may need a day or two to process; so be patience, but don't' expect it to take a long time. God wants to always take them Home as quickly as possible, and it often happens within minutes! They are not in the same time-space we are.
  8. If necessary, invite the angels to escort them and remove any "luggage" which can be used as "remote controls devices " for the demonic—which are basically any personality attributes that God doesn't want there).
  9. This is key: anyone present should repent for protecting yourself against God the same way the ghost is. If the ghost was too attached to money, then repent of that as well. Sometimes it's the only step you need! It's often the reason the ghost is drawn to you, or "sent" to you by the demonic critters.
  10. As a closure precaution invite the angels to clean up and secure the area.
  11. If a defiant ghost refuses to go, you can allow the angels to flex muscles and warn them there's gonna be a fight if they don't let up.  We had to do this with someone who was in the Mafia and that's the only way he knew how to deal with things.  However, DO NOT send them to any other place such as "the abyss" but only to Jesus. (This is disagreement I have with Arthur B.) Remember, just ask Jesus to show them his face.
  12. Sometimes if there is one ghost, there can be more. But fortunately, if a compliant ghost leaves, they may all end up going at once.  Arthur gives the example of an elementary school bus that went over a cliff, the kids all followed the bus driver to Heaven.
  13. Sometimes, the person being prayed for, as well as the people praying, may experience something that indicates the ghost departure.  Often there is a lighter feeling.  (The first time I experienced one leaving it felt like a "swish" sound a basketball makes going through a hoop.)  Sometimes healings happen right away; or in the next days. (It's something like when a prisoner notices that prison door has been unlocked; it can be immediately or later.)

Note: We've included these steps to be thorough but there's actually really simple: Just o by the Holy Spirit's direction on this.  There is no substitute for His leading.  Don't try to make up healings or bizarre theological explanations, or read too much into it.  God will often answer the prayers of the faithful quicker than we think.  Christ wants release more than anyone. Just say "Jesus will you show them your face!"

Last Notes

As mentioned, sometimes physical healing will happen. For example, I had a friend who had a mouth/jaw problem; after we dismissed a ghost (a man who drowned) the jaw problem completely left as he went Home.  In a different case, I had another friend who developed wrist problem like her coworker's who had just died, but then the pain went away after we prayed for him. We have many examples.

But this is not the main or only tool for healing or deliverance.  But it's a big one, mostly because we've been too ignorant about it.  As prophetic gifts increase, so has our toolset. New tools increase questions and discernment, but I'm convinced that in 5-15 years this will be commonplace, similar to how this happened ministries grew for Healing Soul Kids

It's one more way to extend the Kingdom of God's love.  

If you get any further insights, please let me know. Enjoy!

Jesus was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. After being made alive, he went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits.

I Pet 3:19