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Word Commands

This is a real eye-opener.

We tend to question if God has heard our prayers, when often the real question is God asking us "did you take authority over all that is yours?"

There is so much already under our authority, that we simply need to collect.

A key power tool Jesus used is simply exercising "word commands."

What Did Jesus Show Us?

The Authority Principle

How Do You Do It?

Now, let's get more specific. There are two main types of words commands.

 Blessing and Cursing

Bless, Not Curse

See Kerry Kirkwood's popular
The Power of Blessing

Mind over Matter

What Can I Command?

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Dawna DeSilva of Bethel
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Positive and Negative Confession

Q:  What if I don't see results of my command?

  1. We don't always get a home run first time at bat.  If I don't get a touchdown on first down, should I quit?  (It's always easier to give up than to quit!)
  2. Sometimes the command sometimes goes out, but fulfillment my take time. Jesus said the "word" has to fall on good soil, and after time it bears fruit. (e.g., Jesus commanded the fig tree and it wilted later).   
  3. E.g., God told Heidi Baker [see YouTube How to Pray for Healing film] to pray for blind physical eyes to be opened, which had to do for at least a year with no results, until it started happening.  Now she's famous for it.  (70% for healing blind eyes; 100% of deaf ears in that geographic area.)  That's faithful and bold.   E.g., Damian Stayne started with "smaller" sicknesses until his faith grew for bigger ones; now he's had healing of serious illnesses all over the world.
  4. If you are commanding a spirit, then they may not believe you really believe what you saying.  It might be a war of wills (e.g., witchcraft), and sometimes volume or passion may be required.  There's no rule on this; go by the Spirit. 
  5. Last, sometimes there's a block, where somene else or something else has issued a command that must be displaced (like David did with Goliath):  e.g., unrepentant sin, a curse, a generational healing issue, D.I.D. (not a demon); a ghost carrying demonic

Word commands are not the only tool Christ uses, but they are big, and often the first weapon used. It's both the announcement of conquering and then the actual conquering.

Christ With and In You

Don't miss these awesome YouTube films on Word Commands, by international charismatic healer/teacher Damian Stayne.

Healing Highlights [film]

Healing Lecture [film]

One a friend of mine had a vision of me as a six-year old on the back of Christ who would say "where are we going Dave?" and I'd say "to get the bad guys" and point to a group.  Christ would carry me over and beat up the bad guys, then ask "where are we going now, Dave?"  Anyone can see themselves as that six year old too.

Jesus said of himself:  "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.  He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed, to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.”

Then Jesus commanded death to release him, so He could live in us.  Here's here right now.  We just need to keep inviting Him fight for us.

“I slew the lion and the bear”, said David, and having thus developed courage, he moves unflinchingly to confront the giant Philistine.  

That which had been tried in solitude broke into evidence in the public crisis.  It was in this area of faith and courage that he was above his fellows.  Secret faith had its moment of open revelation.  It is ever so. 

Build inner faith from the lesser challenges, and it will be your delivering angel in the most calamitous moments.

You will never be strong enough to consistently choose righteousness without a full dependence on the Holy Spirit to crush the enemy's plans

I love you too much to ever let you go. Let Me take the offensive against the devil and I will show you My victory. Even when, or especially when, you feel defeated and weary. Surrender to the Risen Lord and then just watch Me.

Lord, I am not worthy for you to receive you,
but just say the word, and my servant will be healed
Matthew 8:8