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The Land of All

What is the pivotal word in the Greatest Commandment?   ("Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.")

The word all.

The prophetic word below received from my friend expands on how God wants it all, so He can bless it all.

Calibrate Your Sights

Here I am today, come as the loving Father that I am, to assure that all good things are yours.  I cannot stop in My mission until I have foiled every thief and arrested and removed every robber that has his eye on the great wealth of your inheritance.  I am tired of, and will no longer tolerate, the ransom notes of darkness, as they take you captive by your fears and then demand that I turn over the riches that were prepared for you, to them, for your return.

It is My great purpose to teach you to spot them coming on your path so that you can avoid them and their capture, and stop this annoying and costly interruption of our fellowship.  I know that it is your heart to follow My lead, but you, little sheep, must calibrate your sights keener still, if you are to avoid the wolves on they way.  Remember that they will never be spotted wearing their own pelts but rather are cloaked in the wool of their latest victims.

The Enemy Recruits with Fear

What is fear beloved but disbelief?  Is it not a firm slap in the face of love, accusing it of treachery and falsehood?  Is it not the shrewdish voice of accusation and criticism, with the sharp exclamation point of judgment and condemnation, at the end of every sentence?  

It is time that you see that fear is nothing more and nothing less than  My enemy come to recruit you to his side. With his enticing words he is campaigning, yet again, for his cause, ever seeking to add numbers to his regiments of darkness and his militia of turncoat believers.  

Yes, there are countless numbers of people who call themselves by My name that are secretly working for the underground.  Here is a sad and tragic fact.  A little disobedience and a little flesh left uncrucified sold them out without them even noticing.  Satan laughs at their stupidity and parades their professions before the throne to mock and hurt Me.  He shows Me pictures of these “devoted ones” with donkey ears and donkey tails and calls them My little Pinocchio’s.  Unlike the story, he and I both are well aware that they will not come to their senses in time to be made “real boys.”

The Flesh Compromises with Excuses

Know this most important of facts about mankind.  Since they bear the seed of sin in their flesh, they have many flaws, some of which can and will be fatal if not corrected.  It is the nature of flesh to obey in much but not in all.

 The flesh fancies itself a worthy judge of such matters and thinks it well knows when enough is enough.  Like Satan, it takes logic and reason for its counselors and leaves faith in love’s decisions in the outer chambers.  

But know with all knowing that it is the closest counselors that rule the king and it is the voice in the ear that will control a nation.  For far too long, “disbelief” has been whispering in one ear of My people and the voice of “self” in the other.  These have defiled more temples than can be counted and have been responsible for more grief and loss than can be explained.  So My people leave their enemy’s children unslaughtered and hide the golden idols of those enemies under their seats.

Is God a Moral Monster?

To My people who value reason and logic so highly, I say this.  Perfect love told Israel to slay the women, infants, and elderly of their enemies.  Perfect love told them to burn down everything including their livestock and to take no spoils of the battle.  Is perfect love cruel, heartless, and selfish?  Or rather, is perfect love acting in perfect knowledge, knowing that a little leaven raises the entire lump?  What I know is that it only takes a tiny bit of poison on the end of the darts of darkness to permeate your flesh and infect your bloodstream.  That minute bit of death will spread throughout the body and take it all.  So it is with disobedience and with flesh.  It only takes a very small amount to end you.  Once the poison enters your life, it may take days, weeks, or even years, but it will get you in the end, and it will remove you from Me forever.

Claiming Your Inheritance

I am here today to not only show you how to avoid this fate but also how to possess all the land, with all of its inherent blessings, without losing one tiny crumb to your enemy.

In order to do this, there is one important premise you must adopt without question or reserve.  Any and all commandments, instructions, admonitions, and corrections are given from the very core of perfect love that always, without exception, has your best interest at heart.  

To the extent that you surrender yourself to them, they will determine your path and ultimately your destiny.  I had one goal in mind and that was for all of you to have all.  

Everything that I have ever done was to move towards that goal.  I am well aware that only a handful will ever posses My dream but perfect love was prepared to give it all.

I Am Leading You

The provision was offered to all and whosoever will.  If you would fall in the small minority of the handful, then you must do what others do not.  Set your heart towards perfect obedience with every move mortared in trust.

 I am well aware that you will make mistakes, but mistakes can be fixed, and the heart that moves in loving obedience will be led safely down the path.  I see the question on your heart as you have thought that was exactly where you have been traveling. Yes, you have been actively seeking that place and so that is why I have come to show you yet more, and to move you yet closer to the prize.

The key to success in this venue is simple and for the most part passed over.  Flesh always thinks it is such a quick study and wants immediately to walk out on stage to perform its lines.  Do not hang out with this sort beloved, for fame and fortune are the stars in its eyes and it will give your neck the hook should you in any vein upstage it.  Tell it you have canceled its contract and have barred it from your stages.  At first, it will not believe you could do such a thing to such a close old friend, but then is the time for cruel, heartless actions.  Show it no mercy, just the door.  Boot it down the stairs with good riddance on your lips.  

Then come and sit at the seat of learning alone, so we can obtain for you a better inheritance.

Into the Land

My people would do well to study the Exodus for contained in it are the instructions for deliverance and life in My Spirit.

There I reveal My heart to Moses... with simple and exact instructions that could not only deliver them from bondage and darkness but also deliver them to a promised land flowing with milk and honey.  In those words are many instructions, all of which come from the heart that desires only your good.  But it is to one passage in particular that I direct your eyes today.  This commandment is also the most essential to your survival:  

“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.”

What is the key here? – All.

All the Land

This is such a large word, so much larger than most have imagined.  

Let Me explain.  This is in itself a promised land.  If you move yourself into it you will find that it is so large that there is room for not only yourself but also your entire household and try as you might, you will never discover the edges of its borders.  

It was meant to be such so that you could live joyfully in its abundance all the days of your life.  Every moment of everyday you can move closer to the land of “All” knowing that the more you surrender the larger the land becomes.

Here is a great and wonderful mystery that is worthy of your attention.  The more ‘all' you bring, the richer your land becomes.

 It is not possible for the obedient to know poverty in this place, for its riches occupy every space.  This is the heart of your Father, the one who loves you perfectly.

 Seek at every turn and in all moments, to love Him with your “all” and hold nothing back for yourself and all the promises of Exodus and beyond are yours to have and to hold.

A Closing Encouragement

So re-calibrate your mind and your sight beloved, and enter into this journey that I call you to today.  Although it may look tiresome and cause you to feel weary at the thought, know that in this path, is the youth and vigor that you long for.  

In this journey, you will not grow old but rather will decrease in age and stature until you are the “child” that can enter into eternity through the portals of time.  

Does this seem overwhelmingly impossible?  Yes, beloved, but with God, with perfect love, all things are possible.


And thou shalt love Jehovah thy God
with all thy heart, and
with all thy soul, and
with all thy might.
Deut 6:5