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Seeing With Both Eyes

This is one of the most fascinating topics! It's a bit abstract, but important.

The modern mind naturally compartmentalizes (isolating to seek understanding), yet reality is integrated. We tend to over-emphasize one view, rather than see the stereo perspective with both eyes.

If all of truth is contected, then that means faith and works are connected, fate and freedom, and one lover of God to anonther.  

Here are more key examples.

God is one (person) God is three (community)
God is transcendent (outside us) God is immanent (in us)
Eternity (Author's view) Time (characters' view)
Not Yet Already
Fate Freewill
Present Past/Present/Future
Christ is God (supernatural) Christ is man (natural)
Christ crucified (surrenders) Christ resurrected (conquers)
Spirit Body
Faith (love coming in) Works (love going out)
God is obvious God is hidden
Faith (by relational authority) Reason (by deduction)
Faith (by relational by authority) Science (by test)
Faith (by relational by authority) Revelation (by experience)
Subjective (intention) Objective (act)
Freedom Submission
Being Doing
Waiting (contemplation) Initiative (action)
Witnessing by words Witnessing by actions
Love the sinner Hate the sin
Man is wretched (w/o Christ) Man is great (w/Christ)
Justice (debt paid) Mercy (debt forgiven)
Serious/discipline Joy/party
Live in the real Strive for the ideal
God loves as we are but too much to let stay that way
God is easy to please God is hard to satisfy

Real World Examples

Are these columns contradictory? No, merely different aspects of one reality. Here are examples showing how familiar, yet apparently irreconcilable things can be integrated:

(Note: The word "balance" shouldn't be used describe the relation, because it implies 50-50, or even compromise. For example, one doesn't have a "balance" between the eyes and hands—rather each acts according to it's true nature. This is part of what's meant by the word "'righteousness." It's right.)

Love Magnet

Now here's an example of a spiritual integration:  It's often asked "Can God of love have wrath?" Yes. Once a friend of mine received a vision of a horseshoe magnet with one end labeled "Joy" and the other "Wrath". The message: God uses the pair to draw us to himself.  Both ends connect. Wrath is the negative polarity of God's love experienced by those who don't want it.

Unless we're able to escape a linear, compartmentalized world view, we won't see things can appear contradictory, when they are not. Many alleged contradictions in the Bible aren't even genuine candidates, but are oversimplified thinking, the inability to experience 3D, to receive the mystery.

Yet Jesus is frequently confounding skeptics with succinct, memorable integrations of truth:

The Practical Bottom Line

The key is to take the issue and map it to Christ.   So:

I am here, ready to give more.  Where are you?  Will you follow Me through this maze of life for which I have the map?  How could you ever know the way?  Each step is carefully sculpted with a detail you could not know, nor could I explain.

I say trust Me because I would only confuse you and cause you greater strain.  Know that I am the God of all. I live in you and therefore I know where I am going, though you don't.  I do nothing without a reason. Nothing!  Like My Word, I do not waste time, effort, energy.  Your life here is too short for that.  Believe in Me, for I am your provider.

Walk along side with Me.  I am here, with you, loving you, serving you, being in you.  I cannot do more right now than I'm already doing.  You've got all of Me now—please do not doubt Me or despair, My child.  Love moves Me, faith sustains you.  Live for Me.  I'm taking care of it all.

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

Galatians 5:25