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This page provides information regarding visions for those who are unfamiliar with them.

You might have this gift already in you, lying dormant.  For more about releasing this experience and others see
Receiving the Charismatic Gifts

What is a Vision Like?

We all know what natural thoughts feel like, and supernatural visions are similar in that they seem like your own thoughts, but they can also have additional qualities:

This dual nature is similar to other charismatic gifts as well (tongues, prophecy, etc.) in that it feels natural, and yet simultaneously is supernatural—there aspects that couldn't possibly come from you. This integration happens because "grace redeems nature" like light passing through a stained glass window.

Delivery Tips

A friend explains:

When I receive a vision for another, I sometimes ask questions of God to clarify the meaning and emphasis. When I describe it to them I answer their questions to ensure I haven't skipped anything important.  I try to explain the part I'm convinced of, even when I don't know how they will take it, overcoming any fear that they will think I'm crazy!

The hardest part is often with us acting on what we've received! Another friend explains:

Dave, I got a vision the other night at the prayer meeting, and seemed like a long time in coming, but it slowly developed. Afterwards I was thinking how you have to be sure to get the whole picture/story before you "tell" it, which would be like reading the first chapter of a book and putting it away.  If a person can't "tell their story" from the vision they're getting, then they need to wait and pray more.  You have to wait on the Holy Spirit.  What's the rush?  What good is: "I think I saw some clouds with a light coming through, but that's all I know"?  You've got to really want that vision (or prophecy) — and don't think the devil isn't trying to steal it.  Tell people to press on.

By the way, the vision I had was a series of high walls going up that formed a labyrinth, in essence blocking out most of the light.  The walls represented various sins: anger, fear, lust, evil-speak, hurts kept from God, etc.  The message was that when we try to fix these ourselves, we get more lost in the maze, feeling like God is nowhere to be found and then the enemy chases us around.  However, when repentance and/or healing was let in, the walls disappeared instantly and the next thing I saw was a fortress red and gold wall that was keeping the devil out and the Lord was looking over the wall, watching over us.  It was pretty cool.

Tips to Receiving a Vision

God's Vision

The Lord God is so much more than your songs, prayers, visions, thoughts—anything you can attempt to conceive of Me falls universes short of the least of My power.

I transcend the earthly realm so greatly, so magnificently—if you only believed, for faith is truly the only vehicle I can give to My people to tap into My awesome being—there is no other faculty you possess that can begin to touch this.  

Intellect, imagination, deep thoughts are earthly gifts I give you, but they bring you no closer to My victory.  This is why My graces are as open to the learned as to the uneducated, even to those lame of mind.  The spirit in a man overcomes all for it is his connection to the eternal.  Begin to tap into it more.  Books and treatises are only helpful to the extent they might light a spark, but it is only your divine communion to the Savior that brings life-changing power.

"I am the Alpha and Omega."  My infinite grace, power, knowledge, resources encompassed by My passionate love for you enter into every situations where you call on Me to intercede.  Do not believe the lies—anything that ever causes you to think any less of My greatness and what I am capable of completely metamorphisizing—is a lie.  I am more awesome in all I am than you will ever conceive in a million lifetimes.  Mankind still fails to define or describe Me after how many centuries?  Don't think too long on Me—just enter into My presence and I will do the rest.

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.  
Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.  Even on my servants, both men and women,
I will pour out my Spirit in those days.
 Joel 2:28-29