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Enemy Expulsion

This is about action. But first prep by identifying
The Enemy

Discerning Evil

The backstory of this possession audio clip is from Derek Prince's compelling book They Shall Expel Demons.External link (opens new browser window)   Though  Derek suffers a little from finding demons under every rock, this book is a rare, powerful practical supplement to the Bible for dealing with them. His clear thinking and real-life examples will compel a person to update their theology!

What is possession like?  See the Washington Post 5/3/04 interview of a famous exorcist
Chasing Out the Devil
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Discernment is needed to distinguish between natural (e.g., "the flesh") or genuine demonic influence. As the saying goes: "You crucify the flesh and cast out demons; you don't cast out the flesh and crucify demons!" We don't want to blame every problem on them, yet we want to be on the offensive towards them. There's no way to have Spirit-led insight unless The Voice of God is operating prophetically.

How Can I Expel a Demon?

Obviously for serious cases, team with professionals. However, many Christians are not aware of their enormous authority simple by being Christian. One must be fully submitted to Christ's (by repentance, forgiveness, praise, etc.); then simply speak to the situation, exercising your authority in faith—as Christ.

Deliverance Notes

God Has the Last Word

Go beyond the attacks of the enemy, for they are mere smokescreens to My abundant, anointed flow.  The devil's power is only fueled by your doubts, how much you choose to believe the mirage of a lie he puts before you.

So much of the battle between the kingdom of good and evil takes place in the mind.  But it is there where it stands its only chance for victory as the devil is a defeated foe.  Giving the devil place in your thoughts leads you only to lies and destruction.

So often you marvel at My grace and deliverance because you have already been expecting the worst.  Only then do you know the joy of believing, but I tell you that you can have joy and peace now if you believe the words of My truth.

Why wait and be crushed under the oppressive weight of anxiety and fear? When you begin to know and believe who I AM, you will know that you are only in the world and not of it.  Therefore, as citizens of Heaven, heirs to the throne, people of a faithful inheritance, covenant people—you are entitled to glory.

Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." Full of joy through the Holy Spirit, Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.
Luke 10:18-21.