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Who is the Real Enemy? [Dr. Peter Kreeft]

The Enemy

Yes folks, we have an enemy, whether or not we believe in him.  Examples below.

Photo of a barking, chained dog.As a strategic commander, Satan is pleased by giving him too much attention or too little. Since many aren't aware he's responsible for a portion of suffering, the first goal is to show his existence.

If we don't believe he exists we'd better be sure otherwise we're vulnerable, which is what he wants—freedom to act undercover.

The Existence of an Evil Agent

Doubters should know that you're in direct contradiction to the life and teaching of Christ, and the vast wisdom and experience of Christians.

A few devil-sightings (common when we're in battle):

Theological Insights

The Enemy's Strategy

ABC 20/20 Video on Exorcisms

Newsweek Interview with Exorcist LeBar

Can a Christian Have a Demon?

Only if he wants one! Just as sin and vices don't automatically leave when you become a Christian, the victory over demonic influence isn't always immediate. Being in Christ means you now have the capability to deal with them. As a healthy body may contract an illness when its immune system is weak, so also a Mother Theresa person's spirit may attract demonic influences when attacked.

The Catholic church verified that even Mother Theresa experienced freedom from demonic oppression. Access the
9/7/01 CNN Report on Mother Theresa's ExorcismExternal link (opens new browser window)

Christ Has the Last Word

You are an overcomer.  My Word is still true despite what you see.  Satan fears the goodness and greatness of the Lord in you.  Your fear is nothing to his for he truly has something to fear: the God of the universe against him.  The best he can do is to try to make you as miserable as he is. Misery loves company. 

I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.
Luke 10:18-21.