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Deactivating Witchcraft

Most naturally assume this is an ancient obsolete superstitious belief—but it's shocking to run into it and see how much really exists, undercover.  

What we fail to realize, is that we can actually reverse prosecute and recover our goods in God's courtroom.

I got into this topic because someone was frequently "hacking" into my thoughts and I had no clue what was going on.

How can I tell if it's affecting me?

1. Ask God.  This is simpler than it sounds.  (If we don't know how to hear God's voice, then we have a worse problem than witchcraft!)  It turns out everyone hears God, we just often downplay it.  

2. For a big clue, watch for an atmosphere of manipulation, which often has a secretive root of witchcraft behind it.  A person doing it may not even realize they are passing it along, but you can tell when the spiritual "weather" changes to oppressive.   (See the audio from Dawna DeSilva halfway down the the Word Commands page, about detecting and bringing Atmospheres to Christ.)

3. Another clue is that a part of your life may feel like it's been "hacked"—anonymously manipulated by someone else, remotely. For example, a pushy person I know was frequently showing up in my dreams in an invasive way (it was gross), and initiatially I thought it was just my subconcious belching, but after I did the witchcraft prayer it stopped.

So how does witchcraft happen?

God Saves Witch Doctor

Anyone who directly pushes any part of their soul into yours is being manipulative. But when there is an additional, dark, push behind it, that's witchcraft.

This can be well-intentioned, like when on Christian commands something they think is God's you for you, to override your freedom.

The person using witchcraft may even be fooled into thinking they are doing good.  So believe it or noert, there is actually something called "Christian witchcraft" where a good-hearted person in the church prays forcefully for something that is not God's will.  If they are receptive, God will notify them it's wrong, but because it has power behind, the practice can turn into an addiction, or a way of life, pushing religious agendas that crowd out His God's genuine voice.

Unfortunately, this is way common and honest folks can feel it, even though we don't always realize it. 

How is it a "Christian" can exercise witchcraft?  

The same way a Christian can curse something, or the same way a Christian can sin.  Witchcraft is a technique of marshalling supernatural forces to manipulate another's soul, even by forceful evangelism campaigns.  So it's an action, not an identity; a doing, not being.  In the same way sin usually has background demonic encouragement; same with witchcraft.

(Note: Regular practitioners can be called a "witch"—which are male or female; whereas "warlocks" in and old, obsolete term for male witch.)

So anyone can witchcraft, even knowingly?

A pattern of one person's soul violates your soul's boundaries, there can be an element of a supernatural push behind it.  (It's not just witches who do this--they are just regular specialists who do it knowingly.)  Talk to people who have come out of the addiction.  See how real Satanists are converted by God's mercy in the movie Furious Love.

How to I get rid of it?

Via Word Commands anyone can will away the presence of the demonic!  The prayers below will help. Because of Christ's protection, you have authority over your own soul and can kick them out.

Imposition of your freedom imposes on your free relationship with God.  So if you experience one (even never having met them) is somehow puppeteering a situation that involves you, break it off.  For example, one particular person kept being "interjected" in nightmares, trying to shove their presence into my life, until I brought that to God and broke it off, and commanded the person to leave.  It's also good to bless them, because they are loved by God and don't always know what they are doing. You can even talk to them in the spirit (supernatural) realm and let them know what's going on.

Remotely imposing a presence is called "trafficking."  You'll sense it when a "traffic pattern" happens.  

(All of this can be confirmed with others via prophetic gifts.)

What if the imposing person doesn't leave?

There may be an open door, which is usually an area of your life you haven't given to God for protection.  Typically, you need to repent for you (or your family) for any way into which you've been like them in practicing manipulation. This is key.

Of course, other doors can be things like unrepentant sin, lack of forgiveness, commitments to evil, impersonal occult "devices", etc.  It can also be any habit or self-imposed protection "structure" that we create to feel safe without God.  If there's an area you refuse to let God protect, then it's like a door in your house that Jesus didn't build—you did—and it's like a balsa wood entry that anyone can break through.

But usually, the first step is to repent for any way in which you've been like the person trafficking.

How does a self-protection structure fail us?

Here's an analogy:  It's like you are scuba diving, and another swimmer comes up fearful that their scuba air tank is low, so they try to pull your mask off and take yours! Yet Jesus is calling both to the surface to be with Him and breathe air normally. Don't fight for your air, just swim to the surface. You are only vulnerable if you hang onto your structure, just like the witch.  If you don't renounce your own structure they won't stay away.  

Invite the witch to come up to the surface for air as well.

So witches aren't even the real enemy.

Correct.  Another way to remove witchcraft is to bless them by asking God to activate their angels, and blessings, etc.

But the practicioners may have to be taken into custody.  In proxy, they are channeling the "willing" for the devil.  

Why do demons puppeteer witches?  Why don't demons go direct to us?

The demons might not have direct access to you!  God has entrusted certain gifts to be given only by persons—such as supernatural blessings and curses.  

(We usually don't realize the negative powers because we're often unaware of our positive power to supernatural bless—by speaking God's will into someone's life!)  

But doesn't the occult activity expose the practice of witchcraft?

Yes, but only to those more aware of the supernatural, of course!

Also, because witchcraft is a power play, it is often one of the last giants to kick out when you conquer God's Promised Land of inheritance for your life.  The enemy knows you're on to him and can't hide, so the conflict becomes a total fist fight—like the end of an action movie. 

So what are the prayers for release?

Here are prayers that are good. And you can do these yourself, but if you need help, you can get advanced advice or prayer ministry with Constanzia Hooker:

A. Popular Common Prayer

Lord Jesus, would you please have a special assignment of warring angels come and remove all trafficking people from me.

In the authority of the name if the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, I cancel all their astral assignments over my life.

I take dominion over all assignments of witchcraft over my life and I break them right now by the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh.

Lord Jesus, please have your warriors strip these witches of their psychic, demonic , and occult powers.  Please strip them if magic charms, veils, psychic vision and divination.  Please destroy all their devices destroyed. 

I ask you to bring them before your throne and bless them with the revelation of who you are and your love and plans for them.  Please show them how they are being deceived by Satan.  Please have your warriors send them back into their own bodies and seal them there with your blood, Lord Jesus.  I ask you to establish your shield of protection between me and all those who traffic on me; in Jesus' name.


B.  Alternate Version

C. A Powerful Prayer

This prayer can be used against any demonic for another person.  I got it from my friend Rob Ruckert who runs a great ministry and has helped me out a lot.  It has a lot of muscle in it.  

“Lord Jesus, all glory belongs to you.

To any demonic beings: you are not of the Lord. We bind you up with the three strand cord of the Lord Jesus Christ. We command that you be put in chains and shackles of iron. We separate you out from any attachment to my friend's humanity with the sword of the Spirit.

And we command that all the forces of darkness -- ALL -- go now immediately to the Lord Jesus Christ where you will be contained, we you will be bound, where you will not be able to see, hear, act or manifest, in any way shape or form that would cause harm or affect this session.

We command this now.

With the name and by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ who came in the flesh. Lord, we also pray in your name that you would cover/hide this prayer session; cover all that is done under your blood, that the enemy would have no access to it. We blot out with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ any books or record that the enemy has, which are destroyed, shredded, burned up in the all consuming fire of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And we cut off all the communication lines of the enemy now. We scramble and cause havoc and chaos in the enemy’s camp. We have the victory. Big time victory.

And so Lord we pray for your protection, your covering. We pray that you would hide us in the shadow of your wings under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that we might be fully protected from all counter attacks and all retaliation. I pray this for my friend, for myself, for our families, friends, relationships. We release these covering prayers over our homes, possessions, pets, vehicles, finances, jobs, ministries -- everything in our domain to a thousand generations.

[To the friend:]

So I call with great passion your spirit to come forth, your spirit to rise up to its position of authority, to come into the seat of dominion, for your spirit to connect with the Spirit of the living God, the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. The resurrected power of the Lord Jesus Christ is within your spirit.  

And I call all seven portions to come into your unique dynamic of that resurrection power and authority today. To be able to see or to grasp it, to taste it, to use it, to appropriate it, in your situation. You have that authority. Everything for life and godliness has been given to you according to the Word of God.  

Lord I ask that that would be accessed by his spirit today.  I pray for the key and immediate access to that which has been locked up or hidden. And so Lord we cry out to you Lord: “Come!” as the Lord of the angel armies.  Rout the enemy!  Come. Come also as the Great Counselor who can heal, heal anything within which may be locked up. You are the one who can heal the deepest of traumas.

Lord we commit this prayer session to you in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Stay Vigilant

Never take My presence for granted and think that today is “just another day”.  

Your earthly, mindful thinking assumes you know what is in store for you.  How will you know how to respond to My plan or an enemy attack if you have not fully put on you daily armor (Ephesians 6)?  

Woe to you if you are caught off guard and miss an open door. My renewing of you is a daily, hourly event.  Time is never wasted when you have given your life fully to Me.  There are no days off in the Kingdom.  "Let him who thinks he stands take heed, lest he fall." (I Corinthians 10:12)

The devil will lull you into false security with routine and habits of the flesh.  Stay vigilant.

Be self-controlled and alert.
I Pet 5:8