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A Sign for Man

Broadly speaking, everything is a sign, pointers to God.

But it's often asked, "if God is real why doesn't He give me a miraculous sign?"

This is the exciting news:  God is still doing miracles!  Here are two things we can do (on the inside and outside) to experience more.

The Real Issue

Many of my people ask and wonder why I do not show myself more powerfully in the earth with signs of power and miracles. Many of you yourselves ask why I do not speak more clearly and personally to you as an individual. I want to tell you now an obstacle to My working more powerfully in the earth and in your lives. I cannot always work freely because I am not fully worshipped and acknowledged as Lord.

This takes many forms, but you must see to it that you decisively and continually worship and acknowledge Me as Lord in every way possible and in every area of your life. Try to assume your rightful place of creature and defer to My total Lordship. This deference is not for My benefit as much as it is for you, to acknowledge the truth. Taking any other posture but total submission to Me is a lie.

As the body of Christ you are the rightful heirs of the full power of My Spirit in the peaceful administration of the earth. You must see to it that you submit yourselves more fully to Me. And in that way you rob Satan of his illegal hold on you and all that I have long intended to give you; and is, in fact, yours. Do not be a party to his deceit. I have indeed called you to rule and reign in the Kingdom of My Son. You will not have your own authority as Lucifer has desired, but you will find greater power and authority as you submit more fully to Me.

A means to your submission is to continually remind yourselves of your place by praise and worship of your creator God.

Jesus did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.
Matthew 13:58