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Your Shadow

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This tool had a huge impact on me.

The link is between personality type theory (e.g., Myers-Briggs), and huge field of Inner Healing.



When I did these, my prayer life took a quantum leap forward in manifested prayer power.  I have been doing deliverance prayer for years, but this remarkably improved my speed and accuracy, which I really didn't expect.

There is a lot to this, but I will try to simplify.  This is not psychobabble.  The idea is basic: allowing God into the whole heart.

First note, the word "shadow" here is not moral shadow, on the dimension of good and evil, but more on the dimension of unawareness versus awareness—like a room in your house that you don't realize is there or just never open.

In other words, it's not a part of you that's evil, but a good part unfamiliar.

A lot of times people have really good hearts, but either just don't know or are afraid to enter hidden areas where more of God's favor is available.

Inner Healing Review

To understand this, remember the basics of inner healing deliverance:  there are areas in the heart that we consciously or unconsciously have not given over to God completely, and when we allow God to protect us, the unnecessary pain stops.  

The operative word here is "unconscious."  That's the reason why this is tricky. The enemy cannot get access to conscious areas that we have given to God, so he will go for the unconsciously where we try to stay in charge.  We're no match for him without Christ.

One of the key places that it's really easy for him to access is the personality shadow—an unopened room that Jesus hasn't been asked to protect.  It may not be our fault at all.  It doesn't matter. Just ask Christ into directly, vocally, explicitly, meaningfully allowing God into those hidden areas.  You'll often sense when the release happens,.

So how do we find our shadow?  

Personality Typing

You can simply ask God!  But since many are not confident they are hearing well, we can also use tools, like personality tests.

Your shadow is basically the opposite of your personality type. For example, I'm ESTJ, so my shadow would be INFP. More on the letters below.

It is normal for everyone to be prejudiced against their own shadow, of course, because it is less familiar, less natural, less skilled—more primitive.  But it is a part of us!  It is a part of every person, but we need courage to let God in there.  Obviously genuine Christians can access this more easily because we know God is already a friend.  It's safe.

A healthy person has fleshed out their personality by allowing God into all of it.

ESTJ Example

My ESTJ personality type is all about "efficiency". The type letters are:

ESTJ Shadow = INFP

To see your shadow, simply consider your opposite; so in my case an ESTJ shadow is INFP.  (In the above list, it's the second entry in each bullet category.)

Thus the shadow prayer addresses anything in my life regarding these qualities, especially where I feel pain, meaningfully inviting God into it.

This is not some specialty prayer for the severely emotionally damaged as I had originally assumed.  Rather this is basic Christianity applied to those areas that are difficult for us to access, even if we really want to get at them.  It is my conviction that this is for everyone, not because I'm into it, because repentance and forgiveness and receiving the Spirit are for everyone .  It's not too complicated.

So that's it.  Try it!

When the prayer is performed it is essential to listen for where the juice/sizzle is, that is, what the Holy Spirit wants to emphasize.  So when you forgive somebody you have to sense it.  This is major.  And really connect with God at that place in your heart.  (This will not usually show miraculous transformation if we just lip-synch the prayer.  I've tried that! ;))

Results—My Story

What happened to me was pretty cool.  God showed me that buried in my emotions (part of my shadow) was a significant prophetic gift that I did not know existed!  

So today when I pray for people for whatever they need I see surprising dramatic results because I am actually able—believe it or not—to feel God's feelings for the person (called "prophetic feeling") and which results in me telling more precisely what He wants to do with the situation that they are praying about!  I know this sounds unbelievable, but this has been unusually effective, and confirmed.  I had heard of others getting this type of breakthrough but it was a total surprise that I should, especially because I am already active with various gifts in ministry.

I could not have predicted it, I did not know much about it at the time, and now I am really grateful to have it even though it's a surprise.  Many who knew me before have been astonished at the new prayer level , perhaps also because it is so utterly uncomplicated.

When God has our permission to reign in that area, supernatural favor results.

Anyway, all these pieces should have been obvious to me before, but at least are today.

The Light of Your Heart

Seek to praise and worship Me in all things.  

For it is in praise and worship that you will see beyond the temporal and peer into eternity where all earthly things fade away.  The way to taste the sweetness of your days is to be heavenly-minded.  Seek My face now and in everything you are.

For it is only through Me that anything will exude joy and light. "I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.'(John 10:10)

Grow into the shadows of the things you hide behind and open up your heart to the Light of the World.  I AM has come—He is here. Today. For you.

Take Me into your heart and praise Me until your joy begins to overflow, that others may know Me.  Joy can be yours everyday when you seek and discern My presence in all you do.  Wipe free the tears for your savior has arisen today in your heart.  

Let it shine forth.


I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly
John 10:10