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Receiving Charismatic Gifts

Prepare your spreadsheets because it's very complicated.

Ok, that's a joke.  Actually, it's pretty simple. A person receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit by asking God for them in faith, like a child. (But that's what can make it hard!)

Stirring the Chocolate

They can first appear when praying alone, but more commonly manifest when praying with others who experience the gifts.  They are given to build Christianity. (I Cor14)  The early church practice was placing hands on the recipient, as an expression of unity, which continues today.

Jesus referred to this as being "baptized in the Holy Spirit" (fire vs. water).  For example, when the Apostle Paul came to Ephesus (Acts 19) he found that some had been baptized only in water, so he placed his hands on them to release gifts of tongues and prophecy.

Many understand this to mean the renewing of abilities already present, like the stirring up of settled chocolate syrup at the bottom of a glass of milk.


My First Experience

In October of 1988 I received the gift of tongues—which is powerful. The greatest advice I can give is to be hungry.  It took me months to get there.

So, don't just be open, be hungry.  Say "Lord, I want all you're offering."  The Gospels are filled with examples of those who received big, because they had bold initiative.

Then leave the rest up to Jesus. A little nervous-ness is normal, which may indicate a healthy fear. But God is a gentleman.  Many people have direct experiences, some are more gradual. The important point is simply to pursue God and let Him love you. We can respond at any time!

True Freedom

Position yourself to receive the supernatural overflow of divine blessing.  Too often My people underestimate My ability and even more, My desire to bless My people.

Find yourself in the places where I have called you—in prayer, in praise, in worship, in obedience to My loving will for your life.  And there you will see the blessings of My promise, covered in My never-ending agape love I have for each of you. 

Be fertile ground to My gifts I'm longing to place in you.  Do not allow any earthly thing to stand in the way of us for nothing compares to the joy we have when we're connected in the freedom of a true love.

The miracles I do in my Father's name speak for me.
John 10:25