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More Prophecies

Below are more words received in worship by friends.

For some important introductory comments, please first read the:  The Voice of God

I can only give you more when you take hold of less.  I have abundance from My throne that only those who love Me from their heart can know.  

Mine is a kingdom of light and I shine where I am free to be the steward, to call the shots and nothing short of total surrender will do.  God is and always will be your source of hope.  Don't pretend that this earth is capable of offering or providing a substitute.  The earthly things only offer a reflection of Me for I created it all and I am the source.  How could anything created hold any real hope?  Why cling to it?

You have no reason not to be joyful for My presence is Joy.  I have conquered it all; I have won the victory; I know how the game ends and we have won.  I call the shots in this life from Heaven.

Remember all I do is infused with My joy and there is no cause ever for despair.  Despair is so foreign to My kingdom; it is strictly the creation of man out of communion with the King of Kings.  It does not exist in Heaven, your true Christian home.  In essence, it is not real, only real to the extent that you include it in your realm.  Do you not exist in the Heavenly way when all is said and done?  Keep ever focused on Me and you, too, will never know desperation.

You'll never find the full satisfaction in anything in this world nor should you seek it there. It is only in Me. Your job, relationships, living space are all secondary to the glory you'll find in Me. Don't go looking for comfort and peace in these things.

You must come to know Me into a new dimension, one that sees the world's things through Me first.

You seek comfort in many areas. The past, the present, the future, family, friends—it's all about Me, My grace, My supply, My love. Life does not consist in the abundance of anything you have here. It's all Me. Seek My face.

There's always another condition you seek to attach to earthly things to seek their "perfection"—one more trait, whether it's your job, a mate, family, living arrangement. Do you suppose you know perfection? Your sense of it is based on earthly influence—past hurts, greed, lust, fear, a desire for personally-fashioned comfort. You do not know what grace can do when you attach conditions to it.

Why can't you trust My overflow?  Believe and receive.

Yours is not a battle with your obstacles, but a challenge of your faith. You look to the obstacles and you doubt.  Your fears overcome you, but it is really Me you question.  You wonder, 'Will the Lord really do this for me?  Can He do it?  Does He have enough?'  But why do you question Me when I don't yet have your full surrender?  When will you be ready to lean your full weight upon Me?

Your powerlessness over your situation is a call to faith, a check of our relationship and how much you will trust Me in the darkest hour.  You must put faith in something, be it Me or your fears.  Even your fears are unknown, so why won't you turn to an awesome God who, you know, is fully capable and willing to serve your deepest, unknown needs?

Overcome yourself by surrendering in Me and I will not disappoint for I will light your way where you fear and bring you into an abundance as you have not seen. Trust Me.

Today is a glorious day for My people.  Rejoice.  I am alive and live and reign in your lives.  The Lord longs for you to carry out His plan today.

There is no waiting, not when you have the power and glory of God at your behest.  Let it unfold into your life and pour out into the world.  Today. What are you waiting for?  Is there a better time than the present to step out and step up?

What do you lack?  Ask for that which you need.  Do you want to do My work?  Know what you ask—it is a big responsibility only you can carry out as purposed by Me from the beginning of time eternal.

I long to live in My people as I have purposed, not according to your plan or convenience.  Break out from your earthly constraint.  Let Me have My way in you and see the glory of God.

All I have is yours, if you sit in My will. My love knows no bounds; My love has no limits. Doing My will becomes easier as you become more holy. It is not that I don't want to give you My gifts. I hold them out to you, but your sin does not allow you to reach out and grab them. I am helping you remove the sin now, because I don't want it there either. Because of My love for you, My gifts are innumerable.

My children, I know you. I know everything about you. I know your virtues. I know when you use your virtues; and I know why you use your virtues when you use them. I know your vices. I know every single one of your vices. Even the ones that you hide from your brothers and sisters. Even the ones that you try and hide from yourselves. Even the ones that you try and hide from Me. But I know them anyway. And it hurts Me when you hide them from Me.

Let your burdens go. Give your burdens to Me. Give your vices to Me and I will make you free. I will free you from your burdens. I will free you from your vices. Only by giving them to Me can I help you grow in the virtues that I want you to live by, the virtues that I can give you.

My children, I want you to be free. I want you to live free by My rule. I want you to live for Me. And in order to do this you must give your vices over to Me.

My sons and daughters, so often you take upon yourselves your struggles and frustrations. You walk out in front of Me and you take these battles on by yourselves because you are embarrassed or you are afraid of bringing Me with you; you are afraid of what I am going to think of you.

I tell you now, I am the Lord your God. I know everything about you. Keep this in mind and bring Me with you and put Me in front of you wherever you go; whatever struggle you have in your life. Don't leave Me behind. Remember, I know everything about you.

I am not a part of your life; I am your life. There is nothing that should stand before Me: worries, fears, relationships, goals, career. I am your all-consuming God. Live for Me.

Do not detach your spirit from your soul. Worship Me with your life. There is a simpler life in life worship. I don't just get magnified in praise time. If you live it you'll see the manifestations in all you do. You'll bring My presence to the situation and it will be different. I will be in the midst because of your obedience to praise Me there and then.

Do not let the things of life I've placed and entrusted to you ever become hindrances to Me. All things lead back to Me. Your perspective is clouding Me out.

It's Me first. See all things through Me, then look at life. That's how you'll see what's important.

My peace I give to you; the peace that surpasses all understanding; the peace that many seek, but do not find, for I am a stumbling block to them. When anyone tells you that the way is easy you must not believe them, for it is not easy. The road is narrow and steep and windy. You must be rid of all of the baggage to make the journey. The eye of the needle is small; the camel cannot make it through without dropping its baggage. I will not allow anything that comes between us to remain.

This stripping of self love is a very painful part of being human, yet in the midst of these trials I love you. Despite all that may happen to you I will never forsake you.

Quiet yourself and look into My eyes for it is Christ who speaks. Be still. You have allowed distractions to chain you. And Satan has helped you put on these chains. Look only to Me for everything, for what you decide to study, for what you are to learn. Humble yourself before Me, on your knees, prostrate, and let Me minister to you. Calm yourself with a docile spirit.

My love for you is like a never-ending river. It is an abundant love that knows no limits and knows no bounds. There is never a moment when My love does not surround you, flowing over you. I have a surplus of love, yet in so many hearts I see a deficit of love. How can this be?

Out of this abundant love, I have prepared gifts and blessings for you far beyond what you can imagine, far in excess of what you need.

Lay with me now a foundation of love in your hearts. A foundation of love that I can build upon and that you can go forward from to love one another. Let us together—like a master builder—lay this foundation of love.

First, know My great love! Let me show you the greatness of My love for you. For many homes sand is part of the foundation material. Yet no one builds on sand alone. You have heard and learned much about My love, yet this, like sand, is only a part of the mix. Teaching, words, ideas and concepts are weak on their own. On their own, they cannot hold together and cannot support you without faltering. Know too how far short they fall—for what words could ever represent My inexpressible love! It is like a single molecule trying to represent all of creation.

Let me refresh and extend your experience of My love. I will bring refreshing to help you lay a strong foundation. I am revealing My love to you right now. Let the experience of My love in days gone by open the door to your heart to receive more of My love. Inquire of My Spirit, "Is there anything separating me from the love of God in Christ Jesus?" Can you sense it now? I will provide you with a living testimony of My love by way of My Holy Spirit for My words are Spirit and Life.

Second: "Do you love me? Do you love me?" Again I ask, "Do you love me?"  The foundation of love is also set by your love for me. Do you have a passion for me? Many things motivate the hearts of men, but I tell you that no greater motivation exists, on heaven or on earth, than love! Love endures and never gives up. Love goes the distance and true love is relentless in pursuit of its object. Where there is faltering, love causes you to march on. It is this kind of passion that will move you to fulfill your essential role in this little community. Where other motivations will fail, your passionate love for me will endure to move you onward.

It is I, God. As you come closer to Me you will see that there is not only firmness and lack of compromise, but great joy. I am the source of all joy. In your prayer times ask not only for holiness and truth, but for confidence and joy. Do this in My name.

My people, I have a great deal of love in My heart and a great deal of praise in My heart for the way that you have turned to Me and the way that you turn to one another constantly with love and mercy; for the ways in which you are trying to put Christ in your heart. And I could praise many of your actions and many of the things that you say and are doing. And many of them are indeed praiseworthy.

But there are some things that bother Me about where you are. And I mention them because I know that you desire to have My heart.

You look too much like the world around you, for My satisfaction. I call you to be a people apart, a people peculiar, set apart for My own service. If you could see with My eyes you would recognize that you stand in the center of a battlefield, just exactly as one you might have seen in a Hollywood movie or might have seen even in the news, where there is death and devastation on every side, destruction all around, where there is no joy, where there is no peace, where there is no love. And you stand in the middle of this picture. And you are My heart in that picture.

Yet, you don't always see that, My people. Did you see it better, did you see it with My eyes, you would recognize yourselves as being far more different from your surrounding than you are. I desire for you to be My heart. I desire for you to be My Son to those around you. I have given you every gift. I have created you in My own image. You have the freewill to move in whatever way you desire to, but you have chosen—and because of it I praise you—you have chosen to walk toward Me, to love Me, to praise My name. I call you on further in that walk, My people. I call you to a new, radical Christianity. I call you to desire among yourselves to be so different from the world around you that people cannot help but see that you are in fact a city of light, that your words are My words, that your words, in fact, speak to them in the depth of their trial, their loneliness, their pain. You are to be Christ where you are.

My people, I love you. I love what you are doing for Me. But I desire that you go further. Take a further step today. Be more radical in your love for Jesus. Be more radical in putting Him on today. Don't make any attempt to look like the world or the way that the world wants you to be.

My people, I can do more than you can possibly ask or imagine. My coffers are filled with treasures and riches, graces and blessings. What seems humanly impossible is easy and simple with My power and through My Spirit. I created the universe; gave each of you life where no life was. All authority and power resides with Me. Do not doubt My words to you. Do not despair when you cannot see solutions through your own reasoning. Rely completely on My provision. I am about a great work in your midst.

Do not limit My Spirit through doubt. Let your vision be broad and your hope be great. Have confidence in My love for you and the power of My resurrection. I have overcome every sin and difficulty in your life. Take courage, be bold and strong. Follow My Spirit. Listen to the inspiration I give you.

Look not to your own wisdom, strength and abilities, but gaze upon Me and My power and be filled with hope and courage. Do not say 'How can this be?' or 'How can the Lord work such miracles?,' say 'Yes Lord, be it done according to your Word.' My power is the same yesterday, today and always. Have confidence in My power and build My Kingdom. Be ever faithful to Me through prayer and be expectant to see My power and work in your midst.

He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself,
but he who prophesies edifies the church.
I would like every one of you to speak in tongues,
but I would rather have you prophesy.
I Corinthians 14:4-5