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Personality Test Connections

Many ask about the relationship between the Redemptive Gifts, Personality Types, and the Enneagram.  Here’s my two cents. Corrections welcome.

The notes below are not attempts to box-in people, but the opposite:  to open conversations for recognizing our prominent gifts. 

And God gives everyone all of the gifts -- just in a different order, to emphasize the unique artwork He’s doing.  

Three Tests Related

To understand how they relate, think of this picture:

Your spirit is like a beam of Heavenly light, and your soul is like a stained glass window on earth.

  1. Your Redemptive Gift is your brightest color in the beam of light.
  2. Your Personality Temperament describes the most frequent stained glass window colors.
  3. Your Enneagram type (more hidden in this analogy) helps us bring out our least frequent stained glass window colors.

This may seem convoluted, espcially if you are unfamiliar with them, so let's next try summarize all three tests.

7 Redemptive Gifts in the Spirit

4 Personality Temperaments in the Soul

(The four temperaments are then famously further subdivided into 16 types.)

9 Enneagram Types in the Soul

The 9 types are arrived at by multiplying three temperaments:
will / intellect / emotion

by three ways we might treat the background of the soul:
flight / flight / freeze 

3*3 = 9

  1. will flight -- To be perfect, I deny my imperfect freewill preferences
  2. emotion flight -- To serve, I deny my emotional reality
  3. emotion freeze -- To achieve, I ignore my emotional reality
  4. emotion fight -- To individuate, I overpower for my emotional reality
  5. intellect fight -- To perceive, I overpower w/ my understanding of reality
  6. intellect freeze -- To be secure, I ignore my understanding of reality
  7. intellect flight -- To have fun, I deny my understanding of reality
  8. will fight -- To control, I overpower w/ my freewill preferences
  9. will freeze -- To be peaceful, I ignore my freewill preferences

The trick here is that the fight / flight / freeze response can be good for the strongest personality qualities, but bad for the least frequent qualities. For instance, as a type 3, I can freeze my emotions to achieve a successful goal; but unfortunately I often keep my emotions frozen.


So that's a really quick summary. Now let's review the connections between the three tests.

Though there are certainty exceptions, here are general patterns. (These are based mostly on observations, but also on shared traits.)

Redemptive Gifts and 16 Personality Types

-- Prophet --  INTP, INTJ, ENTJ -- (also ENTP)
-- Servant -- ISFJ, ESFJ -- (also ENFJ, ISTJ, ESFJ)
-- Mercy -- INFP, ENFP, INFJ -- (also ISFP)
-- Giver -- ISFP, ESFP, ISTP -- (also ENFP, ESTP)
-- Teacher --  ISTJ -- (also ISFJ, INTP, INFJ)
-- Exhorter --  ESTP, ENTP, ENFJ -- (also ENFP, ESTJ, ESFP)
-- Ruler --  ESTJ, ENTJ -- (also INTJ)

Enneagram Types and 16 Personality Types

1 -- will flight -- ISTJ -- (also INFJ)
2 -- emotion flight -- ISFJ, ESFJ
3 -- emotion freeze -- ESTJ, ESFP -- (also ENTJ, ESTP, ENTP, ENFJ)
4 -- emotion fight -- ENFP -- (also ISFP, INFP)
5 -- intellect fight -- INTP -- (also ISTP, INTJ)
6 -- intellect freeze -- INFJ, ENFJ -- (also ISTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ)
7 -- intellect flight -- ESTP, ENTP, ISTP -- (also ESFP, ENFP)
8 -- will fight -- ENTJ, INTJ -- (also ESTJ)
9 -- will freeze -- INFP, ISFP -- (also INTP)

(Note: Exploring the connection between Redemptive Gifts and the Enneagram types doesn't seem to offer much, probably because the Enneagram deals with reactions to less frequent qualities.)

Example of the three tests in a person

In my case, I'm a Ruler, ESTJ, 3. 
This explains why I like these tactical overview maps. 

My genius wife Zia introduced most of these topics along with many core insights.  As a Prophet, INTP, 5; she usually sees things first.

For instance, you can hear some amazing keys into personality healing here:
Inner Healing by Constanzia Hooker

The Main Point

For me the most fascinating thing about this is how these tests help us recognize who we really are.  Often we are challenged to not be ourselves. 

Yet we can’t receive in our being the fullest love of God if we are being something else. 

More importantly, we are created to live the essence of some unique aspect of God's presence, shining it forth, sharing with others to help them release inside that same quality. 

Our life encouragingly announces “God is like this!  ...And this is in you!

Fully Received into God

Start with soaking in My presence. 

I long to be "Christ in you," but it is a challenge when you’re too busy being someone else.  

When you are present with Me, you will know and sense the confidence that comes from being truly and deeply loved.

Consider how often you fail to be yourself out of timidity, self-consciousness, self-righteousness, imitating others, etc. What if you were so one with Me, so ingrained, so much enjoined and enmeshed with My Spirit, that nothing would disturb you? 

The interaction between the Father and the Son, that oneness—that’s what I desire for us. 

You need only be still.
Exodus 14:14