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Movies—Modern Parables

If Jesus lived in modern America today it's likely his occupation would be a movie producer.  Why? Because Christ engaged audiences using parables—little mental movies.

Theater of Thought

Acclaimed Director John Huston describes the innate-ness of film: "To me the perfect film is as though it were unwinding behind your eyes, and your eyes were projecting it themselves, so that you were seeing what you wished to see. Film is like thought.  It's the closest to thought process of any art."

As "thought parables" film has a special power to make the unfamiliar familiar, through its integration of many art forms (storytelling, acting, audio, motion visuals in time, etc.). Because of this synergy, movies can be especially influential (for good or bad).

Surpassing Reason

Ironically, since art has the ability to bypass mere reason and activate the deep in the soul, an artist will frequently design on a less obvious wavelength. God, as an Artist, does this too.

For example, J.R.R. Tolkien intentionally removed directly religious elements to make the Christianity more prominent.

The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work, unconsciously so at first but consciously in the revision.  I therefore have cut out practically all references to anything like religion, to cults and practices in my imaginary world, for the religious element is absorbed into the story and the symbolism.

God's Film

We are God's analogy (Gen 1:27). Since the divine essence is love, we have been imaged with free will—giving us the power to reject our very Artist. And thus, His-story is a fascinating drama where the characters may choose sides with the Author or rebel. (Plot analysis: The Larger Story.)

Paradoxically the film is being written even as it runs—right now. And a viewing audience cheers on (Heb 12:1).

That's why we tell stories:  because they echo God, through romance, action, music, fantasy and adventure—written for no higher motive than simply to reveal His amazing favor. And anyone can make the connect with the Writer, by simply wanting to.

Ask for it all.  When you do, prepare your heart to receive.  Do not hold back anything from Me—your praise, your asking, your confession, your love.  I have overwhelming grace and provision for your every touch with Me.  Give Me your all, not a tired glance.

Expect so much more from Me.  Who are you to think that with any encounter with Me that this time will not be one of amazing favor?  Amidst your asking, your seeking, you may already be deeply within My greatest abundance and loving will for your situation.  

Judge not what your life should look like as you seek Me with a pure and earnest heart.  Did I not spend many years shaping, molding, and preparing Moses, Daniel, Joseph, Peter, Paul?  Was it more important how they turned out, or how they grew in their struggles?  And did you not see something in their story that built you up?  

As I answer your call, I answer only with My best for you, My perfect will comes forth into your plea. I am consumed in your calling for Me.  I assure you all of Me always.  I am working a far greater thing in your life over time than any present moment may reveal.  Just know I AM is there.

What shall we say the kingdom of God is like?
What parable shall we use to describe it?
Mark 4:30