Love of God Podcast Personalities

Man:   Animal, Computer, Angel

How are we alike?



Topic Man Animal Computer Angel
Composition spirit, soul, body soul, body matter spirit
Organic? Yes Yes No No
Obey/disobey man? Yes Yes No Yes
Obey/disobey God? Yes No No Yes
Can be thanked? Yes Rewarded No Yes
Can question? Yes Primitive No Yes
Question programming? Yes Only last one No Yes
Active/receptive Both Both Receptive Both
Awareness of time Past, present, future Present None "Aevernity" —"angel time" and mankind time
Abstract across time Yes No Yes Yes
Can relate cause/effect Yes No abstract Abstr. only Yes
Moved by final cause? Yes No (immed. only) No (immed. only) Yes
Whole or parts? Spirit whole;
Soul may be whole
Body may be whole
Soul whole;
Body may be whole
Parts only Spirit whole
they are undivided ("pure")
Can calculate Yes No Yes Yes
Advanced calculation? No No Yes Yes
Advanced natural power? No No No Yes
Advanced natural beauty? No No No Yes
Emotion/passion Yes Yes No Yes
First act of the mind?
(Understanding, concepts)
Yes No abstract No Yes
Second act of the mind?
(Judging -- relating concepts)
Yes No abstract No Yes
Third act of the mind?
(Arguments -- relating judgments)
Yes No Symb. logic Yes
Conscious? Self-conscious Conscious Not conscious Self-conscious
Can seek? Yes Yes No Yes
Moral free will? Yes No No Yes
Non-moral free will? Yes Yes No Yes
Can self-terminate Yes non-moral only No No
Ends, meaning, purpose, ultimate goal? Yes No No Yes
Use language? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Invent language? Yes No No Yes
Can give reasons for belief? Yes No Only reasons for reasons (not belief) Yes
Can do analogies? Yes No No Yes
Ambiguity, irony, humor Yes No No Yes
Can dream? Yes Yes No No (body req'd)
Create art? Yes No No Yes
Can worship Yes No No Yes
Will judge animals, computers, angels? Yes No No No
Can be possessed by evil? Yes Yes No No (only self-possesion)
God can inhabit? Yes No No No
Created in God's image? Yes No No No
Can be in God's family? Yes No No No
Can make a promise? Yes No No NA (no time)
Mate? Can pro-create spirits Can co-create souls No No
Can unite with God? Yes No No No


To which of the angels did God ever say, “You are my Son, today I have begotten you”? Or again, “I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me a son”?
Heb 1:5