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This is the most important, and perhaps most frequently misunderstood topic.



What is Love?

Love is the essence of God (I John 4:8).  It is the gift of self.

That is expressed through the dimensions of the good, true and beautiful—or the will, intellect or emotions.

Depending on which of those we are most naturally inclined toward, we will tend to think that is the core dimension of love.  For example, those strong in will power believe that love is an ethical choice; those strong in the mind think that love is knowing; those strong in the emotions think love is a passion.  Yet those are all facets of the diamond.

A person can give all those things without giving the self. But God is marital.

Love Notes

The Love of God

Have you ever considered how much of this life is about our relationship? The trials, the tests, the struggles, the learning through it all, the dying of the flesh: it all comes back to Me.  You see your struggles first, so often before you cut through them and see Me standing with you.  I so long to be Lord of all, your everything, your passion.

If only you could love Me within a small fraction of how I love you, you would know true joy and peace in kingdom living.  You will know this more fully when we commune eternally in Heaven, so overwhelmed by My love it will overshadow every other thing as there will be nothing else.  You will be caught up in the truest love of the Trinity.  But I tell you today you can taste of this love.  I passionately desire to embrace you in the depths of your soul.

This is not earthly love as you may (or may not) know it. Earthly love starts at the mind level and tries to work its way inward.  My love resonates from within at your human core and shines outward.  Praise and worship bring it to light.

I want you so desperately and long to embrace you forever. Everything else is passing away, but our relationship is eternal.  All you endure in this life is ultimately working together for your good (Romans 8:28) as you let it draw you closer to Me.  Your will is the door to our intimate relationship.

Trust Me more deeply.  For I have healing to restore you, forgiveness to redeem you, joy to uplift you, and the peace of Christ to give you hope.  You are mine—always.  Nothing will ever come between My love for you for it is never earned.  Let Me love you.  Open your heart.  Believe Me when I tell you this, nothing could be more true:  I long for you, I love you, and I will never, never let you go.

Without love I am nothing.
I Cor. 14:9