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The Larger Story

Is your life headed somewhere?  Does it have meaning or is it simply a lot of activity, signifying nothing?

Christ teaches there is a meta-narrative.  Our lives are sub-plots within a larger plot that is carrying all of life forward to its completion—the continuing story of creation.

Plot Summary

Here’s an encapsulated version of the story from Dr. Kerry Koller:

Reality as we know it is the result of a Creator God bringing into being a world that is other than Himself, and yet which is full of His glory. 

It was always the intention of this God that creation should one day be flooded with His own life, in the way which was prepared from the very beginning.  As part of the means to this end the Creator brought into being a creature which by bearing the Creator’s image would bring His wise and loving care to bear on creation.

By a tragic irony the creature in question has rebelled against this intention.  

But the Creator has solved this problem in principle... and as a result is now moving the creation once more towards its originally intended goal. 

The implementation of this solution now involves the indwelling of this God within His human creatures and ultimately within the whole of creation, transforming it into that for which it was made in the beginning. 

That is the story of Christianity.

The Film

What is our role in the story? What should we do?

You are on pilgrimage to eternity and this life is leading you there.  Who are you to say what your life should be? (Job 42:1-5)

Live your part in the great story: the marriage of Heaven and earth, unfolding all around in human history.  It’s a huge and complicated narrative that I am moving forward.  As you are led by My master direction, watch and enjoy what I am doing.

Then Jesus told them a story...
Matthew 22:1