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Inner Healing Notes

I had read about this topic for years and never really “got it” until a friend with much experience prayed with me and I began to see terrific external, circumstantial changes from it. 

For instance, we prayed about a "wound" in me regarding music and right after that I received several distinct blessings, such as an electric guitar I could not get to work properly for years, suddenly operating perfectly.  In various areas of audio, this happened eight times in three weeks.  It was a flood of flavor.


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by Constanzia Hooker

Every area where a person cooperates with the ugly lie that God does not love them, will be an area of unnecessary suffering that needs healing. 

However, frequently this is unconscious to a person, who is unaware of how they disconnected with God.

Candidate Areas

Any area where you experience a pattern of pain, worry, fear should be brought back to God for healing. 

Often it will feel too hard to deal with.  We then keep taking sedatives rather than removing the bullet.  Unfortunately, this is the normal.  The bullet is the wound; the inflammation is like emotional pain.

To address the root issue, we must courageously go into the areas that have the deepest hurt.  It is the quickest route to health. The focus is not the pain, but simply it's a clue to the bullet location.

If an area in life has a pattern of consistent failure (as if it’s under a curse), especially where God has promised you blessing, then this is definitely a candidate area for healing prayer.  (Note:  It may feel like you can’t get ahead no matter how much effort is expended.  In other words, it doesn’t matter how much money you are making, if seems like "something" is stealing from your bank account.  You’ve got to stop the leak first.)

Where is this in the Bible?

Blessings and curses are all over. Jesus says he comes to remove the curses.  He comes to heal the sick both inside and outside.

For example, it's in the core of the Lord's prayer.  Jesus says "1. forgive us (repent) as 2. we forgive; and 3. deliverance will happen.  So in short, repent, forgive, receive.  Release love debts from yourself, others, and God.

That's the basic. Now let's explore the process of getting "shot."

Wounds -- the experiences of bullets going in.
Vows -- a bad promise we make to God to take out the bullet wo His help.
Systems -- a set of lies we may believe keeping us from God's help.

and Soul Ties -- harmful emotional connections w/others that restrict God's help.

1. Wounds

2. Vows

3.  Systems

Fortunately, Jesus knows how to deal with legions.

Another element:  Soul Ties

Seeing the Whole Picture

So let's wrap up so far.  

The bullet wound represents an emotional problem; the lie represents an intellectual problem—and then the will responding to the emotional wound and/or the intellectual lie, will make a choice for spiritual health or spiritual sickness.  This is the key.  God doesn't condemn you for having the problem, but will honor your freedom to let Him heal you or not.

Now that we have a foundational understanding, here’s the process for release.

Healing the Individual

Three Steps

There deal witwh you, others, God:

1. Repent; 2. Forgive; 3. Release

That is, willfully break agreement with the lie that God has any of these negative qualities that your emotions got bonded to.  Say "Jesus I believe you took the X [the junk] so that I wouldn't have to. What do you give me in return?"

Christ gives you this based on his life-giving perfect love from the cross.  Respond to God as you sense the Spirit is leading.  Give what you can; He'll do the rest.

That's it!  These simple tools are powerful, to help let your spirit "free" to allow God to bless you.  

Tips During Experience

Here’s an example: 

Inner Healing Resources
More audio, books, professional prayer teams

I was expressing to a friend heavy frustration at the pathetic preaching of a local church when she said we should bring God into it for healing.  In self-righteousness, it didn’t initially occur to me as a candidate for healing prayer, but made sense after she brought it up. 

So I invited God into the issue, clearly and directly, in front of the other person.  I asked God’s forgiveness for the bitterness, and I forgave the church; a released the lie that God wanted bad preaching. 

The next day when I drove by the church I was shocked to notice that the automatic, involuntary revulsion that normally happened to me upon passing it, did not happen at all.  I felt a surprising peace about it.  The preaching hadn’t changed there(!) but I was healed of its negative impact on me.

Generational Healing

Late note: All the topics above affect not just individual people, but also to a family.  
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Getting Free

You are not a prisoner—do not act as if you still are.  Christ has set the captives free and you are free indeed.  Do not let the devil deceive you into believing you are bound.  I have given you the keys to be loosed from all your chains forged in this life.

Even in the times you appear imprisoned, I say "you are free."  Like Paul and Silas, though in jail, their freedom was there all the time.  And as soon as they acted on the grace apportioned them for that situation, down came the walls, and the enemy scattered.  Are you any less than they as God's children?

I long to keep you free so you can take the keys of freedom to them that are still truly bound.  My people are free, they are joyful, able to enjoy life as I have created it to be lived.  Walk in your freedom—stand tall.  If there's one thing I need for My flock, it is they be free—free to love, serve, and obey. For it is in this freedom that I can know you and see you and you can experience My life for you. 

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.
Gal 5:1