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God of All

One perfect God for everyone?



What about those who've never heard of Christ?

The premise behind this question is usually "how does a person achieve a certain level of acceptance by God if they've never had data-knowledge of Jesus?"  However, that's not the issue.  Everyone is already accepted by God, because of Christ's gift.

The real question is "What is a person's response to the love of God, relative to what they're given?" Christ said "to whom much is given, much is required". (Luke 12)  We make it to Heaven based on our love of God, relative to our ability to respond ( consciously or unconsciously). That's it.

This means people who don't directly know Christ can make it to Heaven (e.g., Job, Abraham, Moses, David, etc.) given they yield to Christ inside them, though unconsciously.

Of course, those who know about Christ will be judged more strictly than those who haven't.  So a question naturally follows:  If one can get to Heaven without consciously knowing Jesus, why bother with Jesus?

That's like saying "why experience more of the person I'm married to?"  The more Christ is revealed, the more of God's fullest love is revealed.  And likewise, if a person rejects the real Christ (the fullest revelation of God), can that person be said to love God?  For example, if Shakespeare writes himself into the play and Hamlet rejects him, can Hamlet be said to love Shakespeare?

So they why share revelation? Well, that response is the best objective determination of our love.  Because God is a lover-giver -- and ironically, that's the deepest part of His revelation!  And then it then furthe increases the person's capacity for more love; and on and on...

Jesus:  Everyone Can Love

To make this very clear:  in the West, we have worshipped data about Jesus as the way to Heaven, but it's actually out acceptance of God's love, as we are exposed.  This is all over his teaching:  

Making Friends with Reality

You own nothing.  And when you die, you’ll own less.   It is all Mine to begin with as well as end with. 

So why do you fear controlling that which is not yours?   Do you fear control of the rivers, the sky, buildings—anything else that’s a part of your life of which you have little or no control?  Then why do you assign random control of other things? 

I entrust to you a given amount of things, people, events in your lifetime to which you are called to be the steward.  Since I am the ultimate owner, you can only work in conjunction with Me to handle them successfully and well.  Once you depart from this ownership relation, things can go terribly amiss.  And you will lose much; your peace, your vision, your witness, your hope, your success, essentially, your ability to be clay in the hands of the potter. 

Do not let fear draw you in to your own world, away from Me.  That is a lonesome place, one that exacerbates all your doubts, fears, and worries.  “The Lord is your light and your salvation—whom do you fear?” 

Bring Me in where you fall short.  At the point where you begin to feel out of control, call on Me for it is here I have designed to do My part, where you will witness My power, My intervention, My answer. 

You will see, feel, touch, and know the difference. 

God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world,
but to save the world through him.
John 3:17