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Generational Memories


This is really weird. Some of your memories may not be your own.

We can ask God what is ours and allow Him to remove something else that was "placed" in us.

This happened to me once when I was praying and feeling pain from my Irish heritage, which I didn't feel like is was my pain. Whoa.

Scientifically, it turns out this phenomnena can be trauma from your nearest relatives, often called "transgenerational epigenetic inheritance."

If the memories are negative, then there are fascinating ways to invite God in to overwrite the data (and thus drain the pain).

Evidence from Relatives, Animals, and Music

Family exerpeices can be heridary :
Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes

Recent studies have shown people are disproportionately attached to songs from relatives even long before they were born.  See the
Science of Inherited Nostalgia

Another study involved mice that picked up their parents trauma -- with no physical environmental influences.  See:
Mice Inheriting the Fears of their Fathers

Here's how the effect of epigenetic DNA changes caused by hunger don’t show up in the survivors’ children, but they do in their children’s children.  See:
You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

Study of Holocaust survivors finds that:
trauma passed on to children's genes

The new science of "intergenerational trauma":
Inter-Generational Trauma Passed Down

Excellent Interview

Mark Wolynn wrote a terrific book called
It Didn't Start With You

and here's a great
YouTube Interview with Mark Wolynn


Check out Arthur Burk's intriguing discoveries for healing
Generational Memories — Arthur Burk (40min., MP3, 24MB)

The research of womb trauma in adults he references by Dr. Wendy McCarty is:
Welcoming Consciousness

Remembering Only That God Loves You

Has the darkness kept this fact well hid from you as it pummeled you with it unmercifully time and time again?  Then you are in the majority of believers who need to stop looking only to man for their teaching and their answers and start also personally and persistently looking to Me and My Spirit to guide them into not only “all truth” but also “all victory.”

Here beloved is the secret of the snare:  The darkness comes as if it were My Spirit and convicts you again of the sin.  Your memory recalls it vividly and feels the sting again, causing you to falsely believe that you were not successful in your attempt to repent and receive forgiveness.  

So successful is this tactic that many of My people have suffered for years upon agonizing years over sins that have been long ago forgiven.  Sins that I have chosen in My faithfulness to put in the sea of forgetfulness and remember no more.  

Tragically, many wonderful gifts that I have given to the Body sit unused under shrouds of guilt and self-condemnation.  But they are yours!  Rejoice.  

Know beloved, that I too have a memory.  

I remember the cost that was paid, and in truth, continues to be paid on your behalf.  It is important that as you come up for air with this truth that you remember this most important quality of My love.  

Always see you and yours as I do—loved in every area, in every way possible.  Love Me with all your heart, all you are; and receive My heart into all you are.

"But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you."

John 14:26