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God is totally free.

And wants us to be.  (Luke 4:18)


Full Freedom

The Playing Field

Jesus desires to release us from "rules-only" religion. (Mark 2:27). That is, the hashmarks on the football field serve the players' victory, not vice versa. Likewise, commandments are lines to the goal of love.

[When we place laws above the Lawgiver it's called legalism; e.g, the letter of the law over the Spirit of the law -- but note that even if we had perfect hashmarks (i.e, the Mosaic law), then: (1) we couldn't always stay in bounds; and (2)  it doesn't fulfull us, we fulfill it.]

So, under leadership of the Coach, we play to win.  See Inner Healnig Resources.

Freedom in the Spirit

You are not a prisoner—do not act as if you still are.  Christ has set the captives free and you are free indeed.  Do not let the devil deceive you into believing you are bound.  I have given you the keys to be loosed from all your chains forged in this life.

Even in the times you appear imprisoned, I say "you are free."  Like Paul and Silas, though in jail, their freedom was there all the time.  And as soon as they acted on the grace apportioned them for that situation, down came the walls, and the enemy scattered.  Are you any less than they as God's children?

I long to keep you free so you can take the keys of freedom to them that are still truly bound.  My people are free, they are joyful, able to enjoy life as I have created it to be lived.  Walk in your freedom—stand tall.  If there's one thing I need for My flock, it is they be free—free to love, serve, and obey. For it is in this freedom that I can know you and see you and you can experience My life for you. 

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.
Gal 5:1