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The Advantage of Fellowship

God is a community of one.

Jesus said "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst," emphasizing that Christian fellowship provides an enhanced reality of God's presence, unavailable otherwise.

Remember, Christianity is not a set of principles. Christianity is loving relationships via Christ.

You are an instrument in the hands of a mighty, mighty God.  Do not think your activity is beyond the leading of the Spirit, for a tool only is effective in the hands of the craftsman.  I have created you for the godly purposes to be used in conjunction of the whole of My Body.  Like notes in a symphony, each plays a part individually, but finds greater purpose in the whole creation.  Do not look to your individual place, how you will use My way independent of a larger plan.

I do not look like society.  There are no spiritual entrepreneurs, only humble servants and willing hearts, always looking to the Master for their next command.  Work in sync with Me. Life loses its meaning outside of the construct of how I designed.

I know this is often difficult for you, My children, to comprehend in your limited experiential world. I go beyond experience.  Do I not raise up fools in the world's eyes to do My work?  What earthly things carry weight for My tasks?  In the past I've called shepherds, fishermen, thieves, prisoners—unlearned in the world's ways.  What, in their human poverty, could they have offered Me? Do not focus on getting ready to do, just be ready to become.

Finding Good Fellowship

  1. God has a healthy Christian environment He desires for you. Pray for it.
  2. Take initiative to find it. God will use your mistakes, if offered to Him.
  3. One can never find perfect fellowship; for once you joined it, it wouldn't be perfect!

A terrific group I attend is the Upper Room FellowshipExternal link (opens new browser window) in Northern Virginia, where a friend received this in worship.

When you arrive in Heaven you will be amazed at how deep I am and how much there is to know about Me, but you will be even more amazed at how simple I am; for I am Love.

I have created you and everything for you to enjoy. See especially how I have given you each other and how much joy you have with each other.  Do not deprive yourself of the relationships I have given you.  Invest in the lives of your brothers and sisters as I have invested in you and allow Me to pour My blessing on you.

For when you love one another you participate in my very nature, for I am Love.