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Discernment of Spirits

Here is a rough comparison of the types of spirits, along with a few comments on key ways that we affect each other.

The reason these distinctions can be helpful is that not everything that we experience is due to our own life!  Amazing. So this can be helpful in determining the other sources.

Humans:  Spirit/Soul/Body

First of all, what are we?  

To understand the rest, we need to know who we are. A human person has three dimensions:  spirit, soul, body.

1.  The spirit in a human person is the "I" in a person. It's the one who says "I will" or "I think" or "I feel".  This is the center life of love, which is marry-able to God.  Our spirit and God's can be as two candles merging into one flame. 

Our spirit dimension is located in the Heaven-realm.  It's actually supernatural. That's the we Jesus operated -- first from his spiritual identity from Heaven.

That's how we can pray and prophesy in the Spirit.  For instance, from word commands operate as we learn how to tap into that resevoir of life that we already share with God.   In other words, our core goodness is a gift given by Christ—it's already done. 

Our main task in the life is to share that Heaven-life into the soul and body "on earth as it is in Heaven."

2.  The human soul has the dimensions of choosing, thinking, feeling; that is, the will, intellect, emotions.  It is not supernatural, but natural.

(Note: An animal soul has these as well, but in a human soul these version of these that can be enhanced by the spirit into goodness, truth, and beauty—three powers that God has, that we share in.  More specifically: freewill, understanding, art.)  

3.  And of course, the human body is the physical dimension of the human person.


So now let's look at other agents in the supernatral spirit-realm that affect us.

Angels and Demons:  Spirit/Soul

Angels and demons are bodiless, spirit beings.

That is, angels are spirits, that are like entities of light that have given God permission to completely pass through them. Demons are the twisted ex-angels who did not give God permission..

Demons will try to influence or inhabit a body if they can for the purpose of manipulation of something physical—but generally the desire is to do this covertly since they can do more damage.

Unlike humans, angels are directed solely to a purpose.  An angel is its purpose!  For instance, an angel of healing always heals. They are like unique vectors of light from God.  They are what they do.  The name "angel" means "messenger (of that quality)".  (They are servants of God, made for the sake of something else; whereas humans made for their own sake. We are like sons and daughters with many and various shared qualities God gives us.

This is interesting: Angels are about doing; humans about being.  Because we are makde in God's image, who says says "I Am," therefore demons try to make humans reverse this and locate our being in our doing. That's common.

Because each angel does what it is, Aquinas says each angel has its own species.

They are not created in God's image, so we can marry within our species. And most amazingly: we can "marry" God by being totally united with Him and they find this fascinating.

And they love to serve us. Many of my friends who see angels report this.
For example, listen to this YouTube testimony.

Ghosts: Spirit/Souls Minus a Body

Ghosts (or an AHS as Arthur Burk calls them) are spirit-soul beings that no longer have a bodily aspect, but are supposed to.  Therefore they seek a physical outlet because they think they have a finish their earthly mission. (Remember the being/doing trick from above? Demons trick them into stahyig in our realm in order to mess up God's plan for us.

A ghost is not "done dying", so they are not in Heaven—but are still tied to earth-realm, like a baby leaving the womb into the birth canal, but instead of being born, it's trying to hack into another baby's umbilical cord in the womb.  

Broken Soul Parts

Alters are parts of us that split off because of trauma. This is when a person hears a voice in their head that sound like them, but yet is simultaneiously unfamililar. Smaller versions of alters that are so autonomous are called fragrments. Both need to be re-integrated.  

It's like your soul is like a house and there are parts of you that are stuck, like a kid that has never left his room.  So you have to address the locked children inside you and not ignore them.

This is significant because demons can enter any room of the soul that is unprotected by God.  So we need to allow God to heal the broken-hearted so that we can love God with all our soul.

Hacked Souls

Witchcraft occurs when a person tries to supernatually impose their will on another, and -- aware or not -- calls on an evil spirit to manipulate another's soul, body, or circumstances.  That can only happen the person being manipulated has left a door open, such as un-confessed sin in that area.  To coutner this, it's best to ask God where the open doors are.

Again, the key to all of these problem areas is to allow God to protect that area and give up our allegiance of self-protection.


So those are a few insights. When we have a more specific question, we can ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the source of an agent affecting us.

For more advanced advice or prayer ministry, consult Constanzia Hooker:

For this it's necessary to remain close to God. Just like with Jesus, we will be shown what's around!

God Flame

Keep your passion for Me burning constant.  You never know where the devil lurks unless you stay with the One who knows his schemes against you.  Do not find yourself surrounded by the darkness, be it sudden or gradual.  Will you be in a position to resist and find your freedom?  Yes.

One sure way to stay ahead of the devil's plan is to stay close to Me, your Lord, your Savior.  He was defeated at the cross and remains a defeated foe.  Though the devil may tempt and torment, he has no victory over the committed believer who will stand with Me using the power of the Holy Spirit to keep him down.

Of course, I have no fear—nor should you.  Obey My commands.  Seek My guidance.  Answer My call.

Come, walk with Me daily and For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

I will be "a lamp to your feet, and a light to your path."

Psalm 119:105