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Isn't Christianity just a crutch?


Yes and No.

The Key:  Dependence

It is in your weakness, your dependence upon Me that you become effective—strong with calm and without pride; gentle, not defensive; vulnerable, softened to be shaped; weak, that you know clearly your many limitations. 

Yet you look at the limitations and feel weak.  Don’t you know I come in when you and your petty show of “strength” are set aside?  Your fortress that protects a you of your own creation, one that needs demolishing, not protection.  I am your protection in the things that matter.  Lay aside your fear, your apprehension. 

Come to Me weak and on your knees with a new sense of delight that I am in you and that your sense of weakness is a reminder of whose you are.  When the devil comes in at this time, you have My word and My anointing.  Hear Me alone. 

You’re more afraid of the surrender of control than anything else. 

Turn each time from your anxiety and call on Me.  I’m there ready with the next direction for you.  Just yield.  I’ll show you My way.  Give in and give up.  Your ways are clearly not working.  You want My fruit.  You desire truth.  I will give it, but only on My path.  It is not well trod, but its way is life, light, wisdom and hope.  Peace to all who enter. 

For if we die with him, we shall also live with him.
2 Tim 2:11