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Pentecostal Charisms and Pope Francis

Does God desire to lavish charismatic gifts to every believer or just a particular group?

Time Magazine's 2013 Man of the Year is making dramatic moves to spread the word that Christ desires everyone to activate their supernatural charisms.

(Note: As Cardinal Bergoglio, he was responsible for the Charismatic Renewal in Argentina.)

It's For Everybody

Francis: "The foundation of the renewal is worshiping God!...I expect you to share with everyone in the Church the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit (a phrase we find in the Acts of the Apostles)." ..To give a witness of spiritual ecumenism to all our brothers and sisters of other Churches and Christian communities who believe in Jesus as Lord and Saviour...Remember that “the charismatic renewal is de facto ecumenical in nature … The Catholic renewal rejoices in what the Holy Spirit is accomplishing in the other Churches” (1 Malines 5,3). [7/1/2014]

A heartful, anointed call to Pentecostals:

Pentecostal leaders respond (prayer in tongues at 38:43 mins.)

Pope Francis "Personal Music"

Pope Francis Quotes

All Invited

Francis:  "God looks after his people by giving them prophets in the hardest times, in the midst of their worst suffering.  But when there is no Spirit of prophecy amongst the people of God, we fall into the trap of clericalism. In the Gospel, for example, the priests ask Jesus: 'With what authority do you do these things? We are the masters of the Temple!' They didn’t understand the prophecy, they had forgotten the promise. They didn’t know how to read the Spirit of the times, they didn’t listen to the words of God..."

Look for Me

Remove the focus from self.  Why be so consumed with the image you portray when the Lord looks to the heart?  One of the biggest distractions you have to Me is the focus you keep on yourself.

I have so much in the supernatural that awaits your call, but what hinders it?  Comfort zones, not being noticed, half-hearted commitment, lack of diligence—what is it for you that holds on to that sense of self you find so necessary to preserve? 

Remember: your life is not your own.  This means I seek abandonment in exchange for abundance.  Never get too comfortable with who you think you are for at any given time, that is only a passing image.  You should be focused forward and on your way to ever greater kingdom living.  I have new revelation for you daily.  Take in whatever you can to get closer to Me and receive the gifts that build the body of Christ.

Die to yourself daily, take up your cross—then you are ready to follow Me (Mark 8:34-35).  Don't miss Me.  Get beyond yourself and you will be free to see Me and to see yourself in light of Me.  The days are short and your eternity awaits.  Do not be provincial in your spiritual world. 

I have called My Body to an anointing of carrying out 'greater works' to 'turn the world upside down'.  And each of you, My sons and daughters, are a vital part of that call.  Come and share your light—'give and it will be given back to you.' 

Live for the power of Christ to manifest in you and let this be your reward.

Jesus: You will receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes on you.

Acts 1:8